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12th-Feb-2009 09:10 pm - sims journal
I didn't want to put all my sims pics here, so I made whole new open journal for them. Feel free to check it.


6th-Jan-2009 10:07 pm - Youtubeness
Since Youtube is deleting videos I have to upload all in here. Well at least the new ones. I hope all of you who want to watch them and liked them add me as your friend. I'll post all my vids in public, but I'll still like to make new friends here. So I was going to entertain you with new Twilight video. The first very goodly made, but I think I'll post it later.
I've been wondering where few of my friends has disappeared? Really.. We used to be so good friends, but now I think that they just don't care. None of them ever calls me and I hardly see them at my spare time. It feels like I've been forgotten. I do have friends.. Like Sara (/ muhhi  ) who is my BFF and Salla ( /sallialiisa  ) is too... I'm sure that I can't live without those two sweethearts.

Anyway.. back to the subject. The Lost Friends. I've been also wondering is it because of me? Am I too self-centered? All of you my LJ friend, please tell the truth of me with anonymous comment at this post, will you? This is really fucking my mind !!

I just want to know what I always do wrong! Please Comment to this post the truth and only the truth of me.. I wanna know. Since you do it anonymously I don't know who you are and you can say all the bad ( or good ) things you always wanted to say to me. And if it's possible, do it in english, cause I might know who you are if you use finnish.

Hmm.. I got thos Twilight posters today and I spent huge amount of money. I shopped a lot!

2 x new hoodie
1 x scarf
3 x DVD
Randomly candles and aromy things..
Face mask
Blond hair color
Lot's of food..


5th-Aug-2008 05:03 pm - ♥ FRIENDS ONLY ♥

This is my new journal as you can see. Feel free to add me after you have read these few rules. I love to make new friends! ^___^

But now the rules

♥ My obsessions are X JAPAN and 嵐 and Jonas Brothers and Twilight  - if you aren't okay with that, don't bother to add me.
♥ Yaoi, fanservice and Slash are my lifestyle. My posts will be full of those, so don't add me if you don't like those.
♥ If you share my intrest, feel free to add! You can see them at my profile.
♥ I hope that if you read my journal, you comment too. I'll do it if you'll do it, 'kay?
♥ If you wanna add me comment to be added too!

Few warnings;


Still wanna add? Feel free to do it ^___^
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