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no .. this is not a way to get symphaty 
17th-Nov-2008 11:32 pm
I've been wondering where few of my friends has disappeared? Really.. We used to be so good friends, but now I think that they just don't care. None of them ever calls me and I hardly see them at my spare time. It feels like I've been forgotten. I do have friends.. Like Sara (/ muhhi  ) who is my BFF and Salla ( /sallialiisa  ) is too... I'm sure that I can't live without those two sweethearts.

Anyway.. back to the subject. The Lost Friends. I've been also wondering is it because of me? Am I too self-centered? All of you my LJ friend, please tell the truth of me with anonymous comment at this post, will you? This is really fucking my mind !!

I just want to know what I always do wrong! Please Comment to this post the truth and only the truth of me.. I wanna know. Since you do it anonymously I don't know who you are and you can say all the bad ( or good ) things you always wanted to say to me. And if it's possible, do it in english, cause I might know who you are if you use finnish.

Hmm.. I got thos Twilight posters today and I spent huge amount of money. I shopped a lot!

2 x new hoodie
1 x scarf
3 x DVD
Randomly candles and aromy things..
Face mask
Blond hair color
Lot's of food..


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